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Birth Doula


Why a doula?

Throughout history and across cultures, those who give birth have been surrounded by and cared for by others during childbirth. We now use the term doula to describe a trained and experienced labor companion who provides support to a laboring person before, during, and after childbirth.


As a doula, I offer continuous emotional support, physical comfort measures, and assistance in obtaining information about the birth process to help empower each individual in carrying out plans for the birth of their child. I act as an advocate for the laboring person and their partner, and strive to facilitate communication between them and their doctors, nurses, and midwives to ensure that they have all the information they need to make important decisions about their birth experience.


Recent research has shown that without this level of support, individuals are more likely to:

  -use pain medication

  -give birth by cesarean section

  -be dissatisfied with or negatively rate their child birth experience


While each individual birth experience is unique, as a doula I can provide advice or assistance with comfort measures such as breathing, relaxation techniques, hot or cold packs, soothing massage, and movement or positioning to help progress labor.



My philosophy and personal experience is that the events surrounding childbirth represent a significant time in a person's life, ones that they will likely carry the memory of for the rest of their life. I view birth as a natural process and an important rite of passage into motherhood/parenthood. As such, I hold the belief that all laboring people have the right to be fully empowered by the experience. For most birthing people in this country and during this time, we are incredibly fortunate to be able to choose how and where to give birth, and these choices can have a lasting impact on us and our children. For some, the journey of pregnancy and childbirth can be a time of deep inner healing, or invite experiences that may be profoundly spiritual and/or sexual. I serve to recognize and honor the authentic nature of each individual's experience and to be a sacred witness to their journey.

Fees & Services

Services include:

-two prenatal visits to explore birth preferences

-24/7 on-call support beginning at week 38 and ongoing phone/email support throughout pregnancy

-continuous labor support until 1-2 hours post birth

-back-up doula for days that I am unavailable due to teaching commitments, illness or emergency

-two follow-up visits after the birth

-Free Birthing From Within childbirth preparation class

Birth Doula Fee Sliding Scale: $1,600 - $2,000

Reduced rates available based on financial need. 

Doula services are free for teens.


For birth doula support, please check my availability here. 


Book a free 45-minute interview to determine if we are a good fit to work together. In this initial interview we will have a chance to meet in person and discuss your desires for doula support, ask questions and review doula services and fee. 



"Katie is amazingly centered, grounded and intuitive. She skillfully balanced supporting both the practical and medical side with the spiritual side of my birth experience". - Serafina


"We are so grateful to Katie for her participation in the birth of our baby girl. She played such a crucial role in helping my husband and I to have the amazing birth experience that we had, even though it was not the one we planned for. Looking back, I can't believe we almost decided not to have a doula at all!  She helped me do what I wanted most which was to birth without fear. Katie is a rockstar and I would recommend her to anyone out there who is looking for a doula. If we get pregnant again she will be one of the first calls we make".  -  Cristina


"Katie was our beacon in an unfortunately rather turbulent birthing process displaying compassion, patience, and complete support. Without Katie's presence things could have turned south and quickly and for that we are forever grateful. My wife and I wholeheartedly endorse Katie and would recommend her without question".  -Hodge


"Katie was absolute perfection. I'm not sure who appreciated her presence, support, and knowledge more -- my husband or me. The birth would have not been the same without her. She's dedicated, compassionate, open minded, supportive, calm, kind, strong, experienced...everything you want and need. Thank you Katie for everything!" - Sarah


"I had to have an emergency c-section, having Katie there really helped me stay centered and calm. We had a few minutes to talk about the birth process before I went into the operating room where she talked about how a cesarean birth was a sacred process just like any other birth. Having those few minutes changed the whole experience for me in letting go of preconceived notions I had. Working with Katie helped me to bond with my baby and to celebrate her birth." – S.S.


"I couldn't have followed through with my desire to have a natural birth without Katie! She listened to my proposed birth plan and gave great advice which helped me prepare as much as I could leading up to the birth. She was always available during the final days leading up to my labor helping us interpret what was happening and know how and when to take action. During labor her calm, confident, educated support was invaluable to my husband and I. I knew with her there I was supported completely and trusted her advice implicitly. Words can't express how much having her on this journey with us meant and I'd recommend her highly to anyone who is looking for birth support!"


More testimonials here. 




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