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Somatic Sex Education

Class Series

Experiential in-person and online classes & embodied practice 

Intro Class: Self Care Practices for Pelvic Health

Offered monthly - online

Upcoming Dates:

  • April 6, noon - 1:30pm PT

  Drop in: $25/class


This 90-min class offers practical instruction on self-care for pelvic health including castor oil packing, sitz baths, pelvic steams, and gentle internal pelvic floor self massage. Each 90-minute class includes a guided pelvic bowl meditation, basic anatomy overview, instructions for self-care and additional resources for further study. This class considers care through the lens of counter normative practice and nurturance for collective liberation. Students are invited to bring their questions, curiosity and their own pelvic self-care wisdom. 


5-week Class Series :

Cultivating Sexual Wellbeing

These experiential 5-week series support students in tapping into their own body's innate wisdom in order to cultivate greater pelvic awareness, body autonomy, sexual wellbeing and erotic aliveness.


Within a confidential and non-judgmental space, we explore topics of embodied consent, pleasure-centered anatomy, desire and arousal, pelvic pain, orgasms and orgasmic states, boundaries and communication.


Each session includes time for sharing and reflection as well as gentle movement, embodied somatic practice and home study. 

These classes are intended to provide participants with:  

  • A supportive community for sharing and learning.

  • New language and tools for communicating around sex and intimacy

  • A greater understanding of anatomy of arousal

  • An increase in body joy

  • Practices that empower choice and voice around sex, sexuality, and pleasure

  • A reclamation of the sacred erotic within our lineage


In-Person at The Pelvic Health Clinic


Thursdays 4pm - 6pm​

November 3 - December 8, 2022 (no class Nov. 24) 

Thursdays 4pm - 6pm​

January 5 - February 2, 2023  

Series 1 Agenda:

Week 1 – Introductions, intentions, embodied consent
Week 2  – Anatomy of arousal, self-care for pelvic pain
Week 3  – Accessing desire, practicing pleasure, releasing shame
Week 4  – Reclaiming ritual, integration, celebration


Fee: $400 / $200 BIPOC rate (use coupon code BIPOC when registering)


The Pelvic Health Clinic 

2377 Eastlake Ave. E​

Seattle, WA 98102



Series 2: Cultivating Erotic Aliveness



Series 2 Agenda: (must complete Series 1 first)

Week 1 – Introductions, intentions, somatic resourcing

Week 2 – Empowering consent through choice and voice

Week 3 – Anatomy review, pelvic de-armoring, pleasure mapping

Week 4 – Erotic ritual, integration, celebration


Series 2 Fee: $500 / $250 BIPOC rate (use coupon code BIPOC when registering)


From recent class participants:

"Thank you for teaching such a pleasure-filled,  transformative, revolutionary class. The lessons have truly stuck with me." - Kira

"I gained so much through the course process which was somehow gentle, deeply stirring, and transformational for me all at once.

Katie is intentional about both trauma and inclusion; disability, pain, racial trauma, motherhood, loss of babies, non-motherhood, divergent histories were all welcomed. The space she held was safe and calm.  Each exercise and topic was framed as an invitation to happily opt out of or decline, which helped me feel safe/grounded."  - Megan M. 

Class Size: in-person classes max 10 participants ​

Who is it for?

These classes are intended for cisgender women, trans women and nonbinary folks assigned female. I endeavor to bring a trauma-informed, inclusive, consent-based approach to the exploration of embodiment and sexual wellbeing within a safe and confidential container, recognizing existing systems of sexism, heterosexism, and enculturated gender norms. 


*COVID safety for in-person classes

In-person classes are for vaccinated participants and will follow current recommendations from state and county health officials for small, indoor gatherings in a non-public setting. Prior to the start of the in-person class series, I will be in touch with participants to review safety recommendations which may include mask wearing and testing requirements. 

Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions or to find out if this class series is a good fit for you. 

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