Cultivating Pelvic Health and

Sexual Wellness
An experiential 6-week circle in embodied practice 



March 4 - April 8
Wednesdays:  9am - 11am
Columbia City

This engaging, powerful, and supportive 6-week experiential circle will help you tap into your mind-heart-pelvis connection in order to cultivate greater pelvic health and sexual wellness.  Within a confidential, and non-judgmental space we will explore topics of consent, anatomy, desire and arousal, pelvic pain, orgasms and orgasmic states, sex, sensuality, boundaries and communication. Each session includes time for sharing and reflection as well as movement, embodied practice and home study to support pelvic and sexual health. 

This circle is intended to provide participants with:  

  • A supportive community for sharing and learning.

  • New language and tools for communicating desires, needs and limits.

  • A greater understanding and felt sense of the anatomy of arousal and pleasure. 

  • Techniques for working with and releasing pelvic pain and painful sex.

  • A release of body shame and sexual shame and an increase in body confidence.

  • A sense of empowered choice and voice around sex, sexuality, and pleasure.

  • A reclamation of the sacred erotic within our lineage.

  • Self care tools and embodied practices to experiment with at home.

Week 1  Introductions and intentions
Week 2  Consent and boundaries
Week 3  Anatomy, arousal, pleasure and pain
Week 4  Accessing desire, releasing shame, identifying limits
Week 5  Reclaiming sacred erotic lineage
Week 6  Integration and celebration
Time: Wednesdays 9-11am
Dates: March 4, March 11, March 18, March 25, April 1, April 8

Clothing: Please wear something comfortable to move in.

Fee: $127 - $250 for the 6-class series

Size: 6-8 participants

Who is it for?

This circle is intended for all those who identify as woman including cisgender women and trans women and gender nonconforming individuals assigned female. We endeavor to bring a trauma-informed, inclusive, consent-based approach to the exploration of embodiment and sexual wellness within a safe and confidential container, recognizing existing systems of sexism, heterosexism, and enculturated gender norms. 


Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions or to find out if this class series is a good fit for you. 

Registration deadline: Feb. 26

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