Pelvic Bowl Moon Meditations
Bi-monthly online guided meditations on the new and full moon
2022 Pelvic Bowl Moon Meditations
  • Full Moon:   Tues., June 14   4pm - 5pm PT
  • New Moon: Tues., June 28.  4pm - 5pm PT






Beginning in January 2022, I will be offering an hour-long pelvic bowl guided meditation on the full and new moon each month. These meditations are an invitation to come together in community, to turn inward, root down, and listen deeply.


Participants are welcome to bring an intention, though not necessary. Each session will include a guided inquiry into your pelvic bowl, an opportunity to source sweet wisdom from within, and an option for collective harvesting and sharing. 


Bring pen, paper/journal, or art supplies if you'd like as there will be time for reflection. 

Who is it for?

Anyone with a pelvis! No prior experience necessary.


You are welcome to have your video on or off throughout the class.


The guided meditation portion of the class will be recorded for anyone who would like to participate but unable to join the live class.


Closed captioning available. Please be in contact with any accessibility needs prior to the start of the class.