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Postpartum and Post-Pregnancy Loss Care

Radical root medicine for those who have experienced the full spectrum of pregnancy outcomes


Cultivating self-care as a revolutionary act.


In contrast to the period of profound growth (physically, emotionally, spiritually) during pregnancy, the postpartum period and post pregnancy loss period is a time for rest and integration. Throughout time and across cultures, this period was marked by traditions and rituals to support a time of extended rest, warmth and nourishment as a necessary part of healing. Much of this has been forgotten in our modern world.

It’s time we remember.


The radical root medicine I offer comes from my training with Rachelle Garcia Seliga (INNATE Postpartum Care), Tami Kent (Holistic Pelvic Care), Pam England (Birth Story Listening) and from the lineage of women who birthed me here.




-Holistic Pelvic Care, bodywork and wrapping ritual to close the birth portal and honor the profound opening and expansion required to birth or release a pregnancy.


-Scar tissue remediation with castor oil on the perineum and abdomen to prevent fascial adhesions with a focus on self-care.


-Vaginal steams and herbal sitz baths which offer warm moist heat directly to pelvic floor muscles to promote healing.


-Moxibustion treatment on the abdomen or low back to bring warmth, blood flow and healing to the uterus.


-Coaching on nourishing foods and herbs that are easily digested, build blood and assist lactation.


-Belly binding which supports uterine ligaments and provides warmth and grounding to the nervous system.


-Birth Story Listening supports gaining a new understanding for integrating and embodying the pregnancy and birth experience.

Individual sessions vary based on need but all sessions include a warming treatment, birth story listening, bodywork and a closing ritual. Some offerings are intended for the immediate postpartum period (up to one year) and others are appropriate for anytime after a pregnancy or birth. Please contact me for more information.  


$150 - initial visit - 90 minutes

$125 - follow-up visit - 75 minutes

$300 - series of 3 follow-up visits

Home visits available with a travel fee. 


Original artwork by Clare Mack. 


"My visit with Katie came right in the middle of me transitioning away from being our 11-month old's full-time caregiver. I was emotional, ungrounded and feeling totally disconnected from myself. After a thorough check-in, Katie offered some options for addressing my specific needs. Her space and her energy are so healing and supportive. It's one of the few spaces where I can really unwind and be taken care of. 


I was surprised how much the holistic pelvic care work felt like other bodywork and massage – just a part of my body that never gets attention! The visualizations she led me through gave me a new perspective on my body and on my transition into finding my own identity again. "

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Postpartum Care sessions make great gifts for expecting or new parents.


Give the gift of a Post-Pregnancy body healing session after a miscarriage, late term loss or termination. 


After purchase is complete I will send you a follow-up email with

certificate information.   

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