Miscarriage and Abortion Support

The loss of a pregnancy or the decision to end a pregnancy for any reason is often a taboo topic in our culture. While these events can be as significant in a person's life as birthing a child, unfortunately there are limited resources and support for those who go through them, either unexpectedly or by choice.

As a trained full spectrum doula and INNATE postpartum care provider, I offer a doula model of care for individuals and families before, during, and after abortion or miscarriage. This includes assisting clients in obtaining nonjudgemental information about all possible options available to them, physical comfort and emotional support during miscarriage and abortion whether at home or at a clinic or hospital. 

It is my intention to offer miscarriage and abortion doula support services to anyone who is in need; as such, it is a donation-based offering. 


Contact me  here for more information. 

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