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A ritual is a sacred ceremony performed with a specific intention which is used to mark the preparation for or passage of a significant life event. Using ritual to honor rites of passage related to the womb – menarche, conception, motherhood, and menopause –provides a setting to consciously recognize and celebrate these events. Rituals also have the power to transform our relationship with difficult experiences such as pregnancy loss or hysterectomy by bringing about a deeper sense of awareness and healing.


A ritual may be simple or elaborate; it may be performed individually, with a circle of loved ones, or with a larger community as has been done historically. The common thread of rituals is that they are infused with clear intention, honoring the old and welcoming in the new.


I offer consultation and support to women on ways to use ritual as a powerful tool, whether for preparing for conception, acknowledging a miscarriage, or honoring the passage into motherhood. One example is a blessingway ritual.


Blessingway Ritual

A Blessingway is a ritual for mamas-to-be as they prepare for birth and their upcoming passage into motherhood. The intention of a blessingway ceremony is to create a sacred space for the expecting mother as she enters this transition time, surrounded by those closest to her to support her emotionally, mentally and spiritually as she begins to step into her new role. Whereas a baby shower is focused on the arrival of the baby, a Blessingway is about creating a supportive space for the mother-to-be to share in the joys and fears of her upcoming transition and to be held by her community. Blessingways are traditionally held in the later stages of pregnancy and attended only by women, though some may choose to include their male partners and friends in the ceremony. I work with the mother to help plan and carry out the type of ritual that resonates with her, which may include creating sacred space, receiving an offering or blessing from each participant, adorning the mother-to-be with beautiful items or henna, singing, dancing, drumming, sharing food, and making art together.


Fees for consultation and support services are $75/hour (allow two hours for initial meeting). Fees for facilitating ritual are by donation.


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