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Conception, Pregnancy and Birth

Reclaiming the Erotic:

A Somatic Birth Workshop
Sunday, Feb. 17, 2019
9am - 6pm
Columbia City - Southeast Seattle


This somatic (body-based), hands-on workshop focuses on the inherent and physiological sexual nature of conception and birth and is based on principals of erotic education and sexual wellness for all people around the perinatal period. The intention of this workshop is to re-imagine the connection between orgasmic/erotic states in pleasure and birth experiences and to provide tools and space for hands on practice to create connection and intimacy--within a non-judgmental container. This workshop is consent-based, trauma-informed, and welcoming and supportive of all families and their birth preferences!  LEARN MORE.......


Cindy Neder is a DONA trained birth doula, postpartum, death doula and birth assistant (on the path of becoming a midwife).  As a holistic sexuality educator, tantra counselor and an approved adult sexuality facilitator for OWL (Our Whole Lives), she supports all peoples' journeys along the full spectrum of life--from birth to death, and everything in between.

Cindy believes in empowering people though providing knowledge of full spectrum health & wellness to all, which includes providing access to open, safe and grounded sensual & erotic education.

Katie Spataro, CSB, is a mother, full spectrum doula, certified sexological bodyworker, somatic sex educator and holistic pelvic care practitioner. She holds the belief that sexual health, erotic education and reproductive choices are basic human rights. In her private practice, she utilizes ritual, touch, breath and movement to tap into the wisdom of our bodies to support our personal and collective healing.


More info about the workshop....

About the workshop

This workshop offers information AND hands-on practice centered around cultivating the body’s innate ecstatic states of embodiment during conception, pregnancy and birth.


This is not your mother’s lamaze class. Instead, we’ll explore the slightly edgier and less talked about sides of conception, pregnancy and birth within a safe and grounded environment.  Like most sex-education, childbirth education often forgets to include a pleasure-based framework for this inherently sexual and deeply embodied period of our lives.


This workshop provides intimacy education to support erotic embodiment in service to conception, pregnancy and birth.


Why Should I Take This Workshop?

Because this is a rare and special opportunity to spend time learning from two amazing sex educators and birth workers, and to have adult sex education, communication and birth preparation techniques be both taught AND modeled for you in a real-time, safe, easy to access environment.


Because you can read all the books, but there’s no substitute to learning through hands-on practice.


This will be an opportunity to learn AND practice intimacy skills and communication techniques that will strengthen your partnership/relationship/marriage, and will help keep the fire alive through this major life transition, hopefully creating a lasting positive impact for yourself, and your partner/family.  

Who Is This Workshop For?

This workshop is for all people who are pregnant--or are in the process of becoming pregnant-- and their partners(s) AND those who:


  • are curious about how to incorporate more embodied pleasure--and less fear-- into the conception/pregnancy/childbirth period

  • want to know more about creating a sense of mindfulness and ritual around this time in their lives

  • desire dedicated time within a safe-enough space to learn new tools for cultivating deeper states of intimacy and how to navigate staying in erotic-orbit with themselves and their partners as they transition into the new frontier of parenthood

People of color, queer and trans folks, single parents, non-traditional families and differently-abled bodies welcomed and celebrated. 

What Will I Get Out Of This Workshop?

Practically speaking, this workshop will cover how the anatomy of conception and childbirth strongly connects to the anatomy of pleasure. Additionally, we will cover important communication tools, and touch exercises designed to cultivate ecstatic states and intimate bonds between you and your partner(s) during pregnancy and into the postpartum period.

What Does Erotic Mean?  

Technically, the word erotic refers to being devoted to-- or is inclusive of-- arousal, sexual love and desire. In the context of this workshop, we believe energetic/emotional eros is no different during conception than it is during childbirth.  The energy is simply channeled through the body differently.  In many ways our western culture has been so concerned with removing eros, sexual energy, and sensual/sexual presence from pregnancy and childbirth, that many of us have lost the natural sensual and erotic rhythms present during these sensitive times in our lives, and our hope is to draw attention towards remembering those rhythms that exist within us all--in a way that is safe, true and authentic for each individual.  


Will People Be Naked? Will I Have To Be Naked At Any Time?  Do I Have To Receive/Give Touch If I Come? Will People Be Having Sex At The Retreat?

These are all GREAT questions!  There will be invitations to practice giving/receiving touch during this workshop.  Most of it will be CLOTHED touch exchanges between you and your partner(s) only and strictly within a clear container of consent.


These touch exercises are designed to provide participants with opportunities to navigate communication and consent in the context of sensual touch and somatic awareness, and will be focused solely on the conceiving or pregnant person.


Please be aware that people will NOT be having sex during this workshop, nor will touch be focused on the non-pregnant/conceiving partner.  


Please know that you will be COMPLETELY in charge of your own levels of participation, and you get to determine what level of participation is right for you in every given moment.


You do not have to give, receive or observe ANY TOUCH, or participate in any activity that is beyond your comfort zone.

Are Birth Professionals Welcome To Attend?

While the workshop is only open to families who are actively in the process of conceiving, or are already pregnant, birth and healthcare professionals are absolutely welcome and encouraged to attend one of our two free information sessions.

FEBRUARY 17, 2019

Seattle, WA

A one-day workshop focused on erotic education and sexual wellness and centered around an inclusive, trauma-informed exploration of the sexual nature of conception, pregnancy & birth.


ALL pregnant/conceiving people, their partner(s), & birth plans welcome.

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